6 Ьaster classes
6 speakers
6 мастер-классов. 6 мастеров.
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We will share our achievements!

We will give you tools and ready-made solutions.
To be or not to be? That is the question!

Does Big Flowers have a perspective?

And what to do next?

We have a clear plan in which direction we need to develop, so as not to stay "by the board"

and catch a new wave and "swim across" any crisis...

What will you learn to do during the marathon?

Elena Zhukevich
How to use the crisis to your advantage? How to find a new niche and promote your project is more effectively? During the discussion we will create attributes for the photoshoot! Malificent's Horns and Staff!
Large-scale decor from small modules! Interior decor made of cardboard!
How to capture the market in your city and make the Strelitzia of EVA.
Magic in paper... designed and not much. Assembly of elementary set and fastening it to the wall in various ways.
Fantasies in the "veil"! Fantasy flower made of fabric.
Inspiration and Pinterest in the life of a creative person and at the first meeting with the customer.
Marathon Reviews
As a result: registered certificate