Master classes from Elena Zhukevich

  • Elena is the Founder and the Head of the EYWA Creative Workshop @ eywa_decor.
  • A Master who, thanks to her efforts, has grown a LARGE business from her hobby in just 2 years.
  • On Elena's account: Creation of technology for wings assembly from PPE isolon.
  • 5 large-scale live Master classes.
  • Organization and participation in the largest training marathon # bigflower_marafon, which brought together more than 1,500 participants.
  • 4 online training marathons in which more than 20 Master class videos were shown.
  • Creation of the Decor and Props School @ eywa _ school
  • More than 500 Masters have studied and now work on Elena's technologies.
  • And this is not taking into consideration the previous 8 years of experience in management positions at IKEA, in the department that plans and controls the visual image of the store.

from @eywa_marafon
Recordings of 3 Master classes "Marathon 2020"
Recordings of 5 Master classes "Spring Marathon"
Recordings of 5 Master classes "Summer Marathon"